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Photo by Bill Ibelle

Bill Ibelle

I am a freelance writer with the experience and relentless curiosity needed to bring your story to life. Rather than rely on broad marketing assertions, I will help you stand apart by showing your services in action.

Throughout my career, I’ve used reporting as a way to explore the world—and writing as a way to share what I learn. I will bring this same sense of excitement to your assignments, creating stories that will move your clients to action. 

To gain background for my stories, I've flown in a stunt plane, climbed a retreating glacier, and explored a sacred Navaho canyon. 


But the material for most of my stories is gathered vicariously through detailed interviews with those far more adventurous than myself—the scientists, lawyers, innovators, and healthcare providers who make our world a better place. 

Whether my subject is students working in Syrian refugee camps

or a lawyer’s lifelong battle against the tobacco industry,

my guiding principles are always the same:


Be curious, be kind, operate with integrity—

and don’t rest until you understand.

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