The Croton Nut

In Kenya, 25,000 tons of croton nuts drop to the ground each year like acorns. Miles Lutheran wants to transform them into a biofuel.  

Medical Devices

It took vision, persistence, and guts. But there was nothing reckless about Dan Levangie's brand of risk taking

Cracking the C-Suit

A resumé longer than the Dead Sea Scrolls is no longer the most important qualification for winning a desk in the corner office.

A New Form of Art

Ralph Pucci has transformed mannequin design into high art, gaining international acclaim for his combination of business savvy and artistic vision.

Beer Exporter

Peter McNulty wants to reverse the flow of beer—not from the keg, but across the Atlantic. He's betting that American craft beers are the answers.

Cultural Agility

Paula Caliguri has dedicated her career to understanding what helps people succeed in international settings. She has identified a set of teachable skills.