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Human Trafficking


Labor trafficking is second only to drug trafficking as the largest criminal enterprise in the world. And it’s happening right here.

Trade War


As the U.S. edges toward a trade war, China holds an ace in the hole in this high-stakes poker game—rare earth metals.

Climate Change

Frozen Land

In Alaska, forests are dying, houses collapsing, and the permafrost isn't permanent anymore. And all it took was two degrees. 

Run Across the Arctic


When Pavel Cenkl puts his mind to something, the result can be a bit extreme—like when he ran 150 miles across Iceland. 

Syrian Refugee Camps


From the depths of the Syrian refugee crisis, students find their calling while conducting research in the overcrowded camps. 

Citizen Science


With the EPA under siege, Sara Wylie’s work has become more relevant than ever in achieving environmental justice.

The Croton Nut


In Kenya, 25,000 tons of croton nuts drop to the ground each year like acorns. Miles Lutheran wants to transform them into a biofuel.  

Tropical Disease


Leishmania circles the globe and is second only to malaria as a parasitic killer. So why haven’t you heard of this horrifying disease?

Documenting Desperation

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