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Higher Education


Paying it Forward


Milliar Syverain fled Haiti, attended college on a scholarship, became a doctor, and is now paying it forward by funding a major scholarship.

The Deadliest Catch


The 9/11 bombing propelled Decker Watson to trade his Manhattan advertising job for a new career as producer of one of the most successful reality shows on television.

Sailing Master


JB Braun designs the sails that drive the fastest sailing machines on the planet. They won the America’s Cup and set the round-the-world record. 


Human Trafficking


Labor trafficking is second only to drug trafficking as the largest criminal enterprise in the world. And it’s happening right here.

Citizen Science


With the EPA under siege, Sara Wylie’s work has become more relevant than ever in achieving environmental justice.

Cancer Research

IMG_1684 3.jpeg

Tali Konry wants to design a more efficient serial killer. That may sound sketchy, but her killers are immune cells and their target is cancer.


The Ultimate Test


For Shandana Mufti, bullfighting is a one-sided dance of death. But as an aspiring journalist, she had to put her beliefs aside.

Syrian Refugee Camps


From the depths of the Syrian refugee crisis, students find their calling while conducting research in the overcrowded camps. 

Ninja Warrior


"If you were given two minutes to talk directly to 8 million people, what would you say?"

Launching a Career

DSC_0845 copy.jpg

Lauren Ansong parlayed a difficult situation during her internship into an award-winning paper and a career on the frontlines of the opioid crisis. 

Unconventional Path


Brittany Loweree has taken an unusual route to her doctorate in physical therapy—hurtling down alpine slopes while enduring thousands of knee-pounding moguls and backflips.

Forensic Pathology


At parties, Justine Newman tells people about the time she had to dig up a human skeleton buried in the mud by the side of the road.

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