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The Deadliest Catch


The 9/11 bombing propelled Decker Watson to trade his Manhattan advertising job for a new career as producer of one of the most successful reality shows on television.

Breaking Free


Raised to believe the world was about to end, Judah Weathers wasn’t even supposed to go to college, let alone earn a PhD from Oxford and a medical degree from Yale.

Dramatizing the Law


Since graduating from BU Law, David Kelly has created a half dozen hit TV shows, won 10 Emmys, and married a beautiful actress.

Run Across the Arctic


When Pavel Cenkl puts his mind to something, the result can be a bit extreme—like running 150 miles across Iceland. 

Sailing Master


JB Braun designs the sails that drive the fastest sailing machines on the planet. They won the America’s Cup and set the round-the-world record. 

Phoenix Rising

IMG_1685 2.jpeg

Once a homeless runaway, Stan Phanord thrived as a scholarship student and launched a career in the State Department. 

A New Form of Art


Ralph Pucci has transformed mannequin design into high art, gaining international acclaim for his combination of business savvy and artistic vision.

Paying It Forward


Milliard Syverain fled Haiti, attended college on scholarship, became a doctor, and is now paying it forward by funding a major scholarship. 



Olivia Nguyen set out to find her roots in Vietnam and in the process discovered how language can capture the poetry of the human heart.   

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