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Navaho Water Rights


Forty percent of the Navaho Nation lives without running water because they have no legal access to the Colorado River, which runs through their reservation.

Climate Change

Frozen Land

In Alaska, forests are dying, houses collapsing, and the permafrost isn't permanent anymore. And all it took was two degrees. 

The Golden Buddha


When Daniel Cathcart received the letter that led to his $22 billion verdict, he threw it in the trash. "It sounded kooky," he said, which proved to be an understatement. 

Dramatizing the Law


Since graduating from BU Law, David Kelly has created a half dozen hit TV shows, won 10 Emmys, and married a beautiful actress.

Tobacco Litigation


Woody Wilner took on the tobacco giants and won, proving his radical theory that the invisibility of the tobacco industry is a myth.

Triple Career


There is an undeniable symmetry to Rikki Klieman's career as a criminal defense attorney, television news anchor, and actress. (page 20)

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